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Educating Organizations on How to Achieve ROI with AP Automation


Providing ROI is #1. OpenEnvoy is committed to providing an immediate and meaningful cash flow ROI for organizations by automating costly finance workflows that prevent billions of dollars in wasted spending. We are dedicated to helping finance professionals, executives, and teams focus on more strategic, complex initiatives that bring greater value to the business. The Marketing team at OpenEnvoy helps educate organizations all around the world on how to achieve ROI through the future of finance -- AP automation.  

Sharing the future of finance 

Finance leaders are the key strategic drivers of the business, yet their tools lag decades behind IT counterparts. The future of finance takes lessons learned from legacy frameworks such as robotic process automation (RPA) and builds toward a future focused on technology where human interaction takes a backseat to directly impacting the balance sheet in real-time. So it’s an incredibly exciting time! We now have the ability to take all of the data and all of the decisions that we have all made, the rules we have built in our financial practices, and automatically make decisions in real-time based on this information. 

But the amount of new terminology and acronyms continues to only multiply, so how do you keep up? That’s where the OpenEnvoy Marketing team can help. We are bringing the future of finance to our customers in a simple and digestible way. Our thought-provoking content contains strategies and advice to save them even more time in their day. You can catch our team at industry events, both in-person and online, sharing unique perspectives of where finance is headed. 

Building the finance community

The OpenEnvoy Marketing team is actively working on building a community for finance. We continue to connect with leaders across all industries, gaining valuable insights that can be applied to continuously improving our technology and consequently the lives of finance teams. Our digital channels are a mechanism for bringing global finance leaders together and creating a space for shared learnings. As we grow as a company, we aim to grow the finance community too. 

Elevating finance leaders 

It is the duty of the OpenEnvoy Marketing team to elevate finance leaders to become: 

  • Systemic strategists
  • Change champions
  • Tactical technicians 

As systemic strategists, finance leaders leverage data –  both financial and operational – as well as disruptive technologies to be better business partners and transformation architects. The goal is to help the business be more effective and efficient. Automation of manual tasks is a key way to achieve this goal, ultimately lowering costs across the organization. Although automation has the potential to reduce headcount, it is also targeted at making the most of the human resources at the business’s disposal.

As change champions, finance leaders must align financial incentives to transformation. This can mean providing the investment in new technologies, such as robotic process automation and artificial intelligence, but it also includes providing salaries and bonuses that motivate and reward employees who are responsible for successful transformation. Great finance leaders will also take responsibility for identifying and empowering talented change agents, and will act as a conduit between those change agents and the C-suite and board of directors.

Finally, as tactical technicians, finance leaders need to be ready to not only take a 30,000-foot view of transformative initiatives, but also be willing to roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty at the program level. What support do change agents need? What obstacles do they face? What opportunities are there to improve on the original strategy as a program proceeds?

About OpenEnvoy

The future of AP automation is here now. OpenEnvoy, founded in 2020, audits every invoice before you pay. Our real-time automated auditing technology flags discrepancies between invoices and contracts and helps you correct any error so you only pay what you owe, preventing billions of dollars in wasted spending. OpenEnvoy supports customers around the world with offices in Nevada, California, India, Philippines and Singapore.

By investing in OpenEnvoy, our customers put another layer of control in their systems and processes to protect their financial assets. Explore how OpenEnvoy can help your team reap the benefits of saving time and money without change management through AP automation. Check out and make sure to connect with an expert.


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