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Transform with applied AI for finance

Visionary finance leaders are using AI to transform their teams, deliver greater profitability, and improve cash flow. 

OpenEnvoy digitizes clerical work across the office of the CFO, freeing up time for strategic thinking and business partnership.

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Take control of your financial future

Improve margins and
cash flow

Full reconciliation and control lets you avoid losses to fraud, duplicates, and overbillings to improve margins. Highly accurate billing maximizes revenue and cash conversion. Control over payment timing lets you optimize cash flow.

Improve margins

Help auditors to
leave happy

Streamline and simplify your approvals for an effective control framework. Eliminate fraud and supplier overbilling. Comply with changing regulations including VAT and GST.

Help auditors

Execute on your AI and digital strategy

OpenEnvoy lets you deliver on board-level commitments for AI and Digital strategies THIS YEAR.

Execute on strategy

Minimal change,
fast time-to-value

Minimal change for employees, suppliers, and IT lets even large companies move quickly with OpenEnvoy.


We are now able to concentrate on the issues rather than doing redundant tasks. Our staff can now focus on issues that OpenEnvoy highlights for us. Eliminating manual tasks is a plus for everyone.

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Kurt S., Director of Finance & Accounting

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