Visibility & Control

Empower leaders with full visibility and control

Companies struggle with manual processes for approvals and visibility. CFOs know the maxim “garbage in, garbage out."

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No Spreadsheets

Full control
no spreadsheets

Break past the “shadow ERP” spreadsheets lurking in many Finance teams. Understand spend with accurate classification. Cut budget vs. actual prep time.

get full visibility

Get full

Get insights to help Finance, Treasury, and Procurement understand spend an cash flow. Achieve visibility while respecting the highest standards in security and control.

Ensure compliance and control

Ensure compliance
and control

Streamline approvals with AI-powered proactive audit. Ensure compliance with financial and global e-Invoicing regulations. 


Get full visibility and control in just months

Our Applied AI accurately classifies invoices and streamlines approvals, even if you have multiple business units and ERPs.

Easily capture all spend

Use AI to instantly extract 100% of all your invoice header and line level information. Simple integrations let you deploy OpenEnvoy alongside your existing investments in ERPs and spend systems for a single pane of glass.

Easily capture

Accurately code and classify for full visibility

Historical spend patterns and continuous machine learning based on day-to-day decisions ensure that classification is highly accurate, even as spend patterns change.

Working Visibility

Understand spend in context

Placing spend in context of suppliers and contracts lets you understand supplier performance and the savings you realize from on-contract spend.

Spend in context

Streamline budget compliance

Give managers on-the-ground visibility into spend, contracts, and accrued spend against contracts and accounts to help drive day-to-day budget control. Streamline budget vs. actual process by getting Finance and Business leaders out of Excel.

Streamline budget compliance

Ensure compliance

Simplify financial controls by proactively auditing each invoice to spot contract compliance issues before business approvals. Comply with restricted party and global e-Invoicing regulations including VAT, GST, and the Chinese Fapio system.

Ensure compliance

OpenEnvoy has greatly reduced the number of hours we spent on entering and reconciling bills. It has removed the manual data entry portion, and we can now reconcile invoices faster and more accurately. 

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Quinn S., Accounting Manager
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