Compliance & Control

Comply with financial and regulatory requirements

Auditors often find issues with payables with the complexity of financial and regulatory requirements that companies face. Changing international tax requirements put growing pressure on Finance teams.

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Make auditors happy

Use AI to get full visibility into spend and manage invoices according to financial and regulatory requirements.

Ensure an effective
control environment

Use AI to intelligently build and manage approval workflows according to your delegation of authority and approval requirements. Quickly extend control across the organization following acquisitions.

Ensure an effective control env
Streamline budget compliance

With highly accurate GL coding and a central document repository that covers supplier commitments across POs, contracts, and actual invoiced spend, your managers have on-the-ground visibility to help drive day-to-day budget control. Giving finance and business leaders the same visibility streamlines the budget vs. actual process.

Streamline budget compliance
Ensure compliance with international tax requirements

Capture legal invoices from suppliers or from indirect tax authorities according to coin country-specific GST and VAT tax law. Reconcile invoices with no manual intervention to ensure that the data from the legal invoice matches your ERP.  

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cost compliance

Use AI to seamlessly reconcile invoices against contracts and other records for a seamless “N-way” match. OpenEnvoy handles some of the world's most complex scenarios, from ocean freight to media buys.

Cost compliance
Streamline accruals with full visibility

Provide your team with a single pane of glass to understand spend trends and invoice processing. Digitizing all supplier invoices and accelerating cycle times means that you can keep AP open longer and process more invoices each period.

Streamline accruals
Comply with restricted party regulations

Ensure compliance with restricted party regulations including OFAC.

Restricted party

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