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Digitize finance operations to do more with less and maximize cash flow.

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OpenEnvoy delivers 100% capture and instant audit, digitizing clerical work and eliminating losses to fraud, duplication, and supplier overbilling.

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Effortless Adoption

Capture and code invoices in any format, completely and instantly with no need for suppliers. Even one-time supplier relationships can be fully digitized.

Identify fraud
and duplicates

Identify Fraud

Use AI to scan every invoice and line item for fraud & duplicates. All of this instantly, so that you can avoid overpayment before the money goes out the door.

Instant audit →
zero overpayments

Instant Audit

Realize the value you negotiated by using AI to match against POs, contracts, rate sheets, receipts, and other documentation. OpenEnvoy customers manage all transactions, from simple buys to direct spend and freight. 

Get control,
ensure compliance

Get Control

Send audited invoices for approval to ensure compliance with your control framework. Optimize working capital with better control over payment timing. Collect and archive VAT invoices to streamline audit by tax authorities. Auditors love OpenEnvoy.

Deliver More for your business

Free finance teams
from excess clerical work

Unify payables, contracts, receivables, and spend to improve efficiency and cash flow.

Actionable visibility

With every invoice processed by OpenEnvoy—direct and indirect—you get full visibility into your spend. Finance, business leaders, and procurement get what they need to manage budgets and optimize costs.

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Accelerate accounts receivable

Use OpenEnvoy's powerful reconciliation for sell-side invoices, ensuring accuracy in AR to avoid disputes, reduce DSO, and improve the customer experience.

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Optimize cash

Get fast, accurate processing of payables and receivables for full control over cash.

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Tech-stack friendly

OpenEnvoy seamlessly integrates with your ERP, Procure-to-Pay and other systems for fast time-to-value and minimal change.


Leading companies have
transformed with OpenEnvoy

Raney’s was able to digitize AP across 100% of our suppliers in just two months. With OpenEnvoy we’ve been able to scale touchless processing without the burden of ‘no PO no Pay’. We’ve been able to shift team members from manual clerical work to proactively disputing overbillings and pursuing other ways to hit the goals of our growing business.

Eric sized
Eric Anderson
Raney’s LLC

OpenEnvoy has greatly reduced the number of hours we spent on entering and reconciling bills. It has removed the manual data entry portion, and we can now reconcile invoices faster and more accurately. 

Quinn sized
Quinn S., Accounting Manager
Bliss Point Media

We needed a solution to unlock greater efficiencies in processing payables, and we wanted to avoid having our team review invoices daily. Manual reconciliation is not fun and does not promote strong employee engagement.

Leslie sized
Leslie Dieck, Controller

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