Zero barriers to digital supplier relationships

Receiving paper invoices and phone calls from suppliers can be frustrating. Especially if you’ve already invested in automation. OpenEnvoy captures invoices, contracts, price sheets and more with no change needed by suppliers.

Supplier hero

Zero barriers, rapid results

Payables solutions struggle when suppliers are asked to change. Pushes change barriers aside using Applied AI.

Zero change needed
for suppliers

Suppliers may have thousands of customers, and they don’t want to use a different process to bill and collect each one. OpenEnvoy goes to the supplier with no change required.

Zero change
Capture invoices
with simple email

Suppliers can simply email their invoices in any format to your company’s OpenEnvoy AP inbox–or you can redirect your current AP inbox. OpenEnvoy does the rest.

Simple email
Build win-win

Measure and track supplier performance over time. Maintain positive relationships by identifying any billing issues in real time, avoiding clawbacks later on.

Win win
Streamline order
and invoice changes

Invoices may include delivery charges or materials amounts not known at the time of purchase. Understand if these changes are significant to you before requiring extensive approvals. Reconcile freight, direct materials, and other complex invoices using AI.

Streamline order-1
OpenEnvoy works
with your systems

OpenEnvoy works with your systems to overcome supplier adoption challenges. Invoices are captured and screened for fraud, duplicates, and over billing and then passed to your P2P or ERP systems.

Your systems

Keep up with the latest
supplier enablement
trends & insights

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