Accounts Receivable

Ensure accurate billing

Collect faster and keep customers happy by using AI to ensure accurate billing, even with complex commercials and charges.

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Cut out clerical work

Digitize complex
clerical work

No more spreadsheets and manual work. Use AI to ensure billing accuracy even with complex customer contracts, payment terms, service delivery information, and charges.

Avoid disputes and delay

Avoid disputes
and delay

Highly accurate customer billing improves customer satisfaction and avoids time-consuming disputes and rework. Fewer disputes means faster cash conversion.

Avoid leakage

Avoid leakage,
ensure compliance

Many organizations focus on overbilling errors and customer disputes. What about under-billing and lost revenue? Full control avoids revenue leakage and keeps auditors happy.


Highly accurate billing means better business

Enterprise-grade AI ensures that your sales, receivables, and treasury teams have the control they need to optimize customer contracts and optimize cash flow.

Manage complex transactions with ease

Move past spreadsheets for customer billing calculations. Use AI to reconcile contract terms and services delivered for high accuracy and zero manual work.

Manage complex transactions

Avoid costly disputes

Empower your receivables team with highly accurate billing and full documentation for each customer transaction. Accuracy reduces dispute rates and speeds resolution when customers raise questions.

Ensure Accurate

Improved accuracy, less change

If you’ve already invested in end-to-end accounts receivable automation, OpenEnvoy can add AI powered audit of invoices to spot issues before they go to customers.

Improved accuracy less change-1

Get control of complex operations

OpenEnvoy’s Applied AI streamlines both receivables and payables in industries like freight and logistics where day-of factors like tides and demurrage must be taken into account. Payables audit improves accuracy of customer billing in media and construction.

Complex operations 2

Optimize cash flow

Reconcile customer entitlements to contracted billing terms and capitalize on early-payment discount offers without the spreadsheet work.

Optimize cash flow alt

We did the math, and if we let automation take over at a steady state, we’re looking at saving seven to eight hundred hours a month. That is a lot of resources and a lot of capacity freed up to focus on our next problem.

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Matt Cohen, VP of Finance
Bliss Point Media

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