Newsroom/Product update May 20, 2024

Introducing Version 14

OE 14 cover

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Today we announce OpenEnvoy Version 14, which helps companies drive even greater speed and control through their Finance operations using Applied AI.

With each release, OpenEnvoy partners closely with our customers. Every new feature in the release was developed jointly with customers to help optimize their businesses.

With version 14, customers will now have even greater flexibility to ensure compliance with their corporate controls, improve visibility into spend and contracts, and further accelerate their processes. This release also delivers improvements to the admin experience and to global support.

Ensure compliance with company policies and controls

OpenEnvoy provides intelligent approvals to let customers enforce their policies and controls electronically, keeping full audit trails. Now, customers have greater flexibility to enforce more complex controls.

  • Delegation of Authority (DOA) – customers can gather approvals in accordance with the DOA policies and reporting hierarchies used across their companies.
  • More flexible workflows – more and different triggers, attributes, and actions including assignments of reviews are now supported.
  • Spend policies – customers may choose to always require that certain issues be addressed, preventing user approvals to drive compliance with their policies.


Deliver unparalleled accuracy and visibility

Applied AI provides the utmost accuracy in transaction processing for high-quality operating data and to avoid losses to fraud, duplication, and overbilling. OpenEnvoy gives customers full visibility while automatically detecting issues at a transaction level for review.

  • Improved GL coding for spend visibility – now OpenEnvoy supports more complex chart of account (COA) structures for automated GL coding.
  • Extended real-time audit – additional issues are now flagged in real time, including mismatches between invoice remit-to information and the vendor master.
  • Access control – now, role-based access control is improved for access to documents including contracts, and for dashboards.

Multi-segment GLs

Accelerate processes

OpenEnvoy helps customers accelerate their core processes with intelligent workflow and fast approvals.

  • Accelerated collaboration – invoices and their supporting documents can automatically be sent based on roles including PO creator for their review.
  • Easy email approvals – approvers can now receive the information they need and securely approve transactions directly from email with no need to login to OpenEnvoy.

Email approval


Release 14 also includes many additional features such as improvements to the admin experience and to multi-language support, letting customers match invoices with POs and supporting documents that may be in different languages.



See our two minute product video here >


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