Newsroom/Product update November 30, 2021

Billing Management


OpenEnvoy’s Billing Management unlocks billing visibility to assist AP teams in expense management and planning. With self-service billing management functions, finance leaders can efficiently manage their plan according to their growing needs.   

What finance teams can expect with OpenEnvoy’s Billing Management:

  • Match the needs of the AP team with the ability to upgrade plans, manage user roles, and add new users to the platform.
  • Improve expense management with billing visibility to understand prorated charges, prepare for billing cycles, and download receipts for recordkeeping. 

The benefits of Billing Management for finance teams:

  • Finance leaders can adjust their plan as needed directly within OpenEnvoy to save time.
  • Extra layers of security and control as plan modifications are limited to administrator access. 
  • AP departments are able to leverage in-app billing information to prepare their monthly payments. 

How OpenEnvoy’s Billing Management works: 

AP teams can go to the Billing page in the OpenEnvoy Workspace to view billing details and download receipts. Those with administrative access can upgrade their plan and add or remove users from the Billing page as well. 

OpenEnvoy enables finance teams of all sizes with visibility, automation, and cash flow solutions. To learn more about how OpenEnvoy can help you prevent wasted spend, visit to connect with an expert.


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