Newsroom/Product update July 22, 2021

Bulk Editing


Audit and discover savings within every invoice easily before payment.

Bulk editing allows you to edit and update select jobs all at once, it is a key productivity feature supporting enterprise-scale organizations with a high volume of invoices. 

Simultaneously update multiple items at the same time: map jobs to your cost centers by adding tags, manage and customize your workflow by changing statuses, and replicate your team’s roles and approval processes by assigning job owners. 

Save yourself the time you need to focus on more strategic initiatives with bulk editing. 

OpenEnvoy, founded in 2020, audits every invoice before you pay. Our solution automates costly finance workflows enabling the recovery of billions of dollars in wasted spending. OpenEnvoy supports customers around the world with offices in Nevada, California, India, Philippines and Singapore. To learn more, visit and make sure to connect with an expert.


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