Newsroom/Product update January 14, 2022

Match Groups


Match Groups offer Accounts Payable teams the ability to audit according to their unique, exacting requirements using custom audit logic. 

What Accounts Payable can expect from OpenEnvoy’s Match Groups:

  • Create Match Groups that accurately reflect the custom business logic of the AP team.
  • Confirm matches are defined using the AP team's unique specifications for validation.
  • Support for an unparalleled range of use cases to handle evolving business needs.  

The benefits of Match Groups for Accounts Payable:

  • Better understand and manage the complexity of AP document processing with a summary view of invoices and their matched sources.
  • Reduce manual workload by automatically pairing and matching invoices to their sources.
  • Increase efficiency and save time by validating matches at a glance for quicker approvals.

How OpenEnvoy’s Match Groups works: 

Accounts Payable teams can view the Match Group from the results tab under the Match Groups Summary section. From here, AP team members can see their invoice and its associated sources to validate the match or explore the match details to understand discrepancies.


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