Newsroom/Product update December 16, 2021

Match Report


OpenEnvoy’s Match Report enables finance teams to understand where matches and discrepancies are in invoices and baseline documents to quickly find overcharges and move into disputes and resolution.

What finance teams can expect with OpenEnvoy’s Match Report:

  • Expedite the escalation and dispute process with inconsistencies prioritized and grouped together at the top of each report. 
  • Accelerate payment timelines by leveraging summary views of matches to approve invoices within minutes and get payments sent faster. 
  • Shorten the review process with grouped line item discrepancies and matches.

The benefits of the Match Report for finance teams:

  • Scale processes and review Match Reports faster for an accurate overview of invoices with hundreds of line items. 
  • Search for specific line items to perform a detailed review before making an approval. 
  • Understand invoice conflicts at a glance with grouped discrepancies at the top of the Match Report.
  • Leverage detailed information to dispute overcharges or move into invoice approval, if discrepancies are within allowable thresholds.

How OpenEnvoy’s Match Report works: 

Accounts Payable can view grouped discrepancies at the top of the Match Report. Matched items are collapsed for quick review but can expand to see all matches or search for a specific line item. Summaries of each grouping are available to help AP teams understand the total value of matched line items and discrepancies. 

We treat our customers as strategic business partners, and we strive to implement their suggestions into our product design to support their evolving needs. For this Match Report product update, we worked with our customers to develop an efficient way to prioritize their detailed invoices with hundreds of line items. 

OpenEnvoy enables finance teams of all sizes with visibility, automation, and cash flow solutions. To learn more about how OpenEnvoy can help you prevent wasted spend, visit to connect with an expert.


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