Newsroom/Product update July 28, 2022

Provider List Upload


Consistent and accurate provider information is essential for efficient accounts payable processes. Accounting and finance teams can use OpenEnvoy’s Provider List Upload feature to ensure provider information is aligned between OpenEnvoy and ERP systems.

What finance teams can expect with OpenEnvoy’s Provider List Upload:

  • Download an OpenEnvoy Provider List template and follow list export guidelines in the Knowledge base
  • Utilize the template to export provider information from customer ERP or internal systems
  • Upload your providers for use in OpenEnvoy with a single click

The benefits of Provider List Upload for finance teams:

  • Save time and manual effort by uploading new and updating all existing provider records at once
  • Streamline expense audit workflows, dispute resolution, and approvals with all provider information available within OpenEnvoy
  • Having easily accessible and consistent provider information enables faster approvals which allow the AP team to close their books faster

How OpenEnvoy’s Provider Bulk Upload work:

OpenEnvoy admins can download a template on the Providers page in the OpenEnvoy Workspace section that offers guidance on structuring the file for export from their ERP or internal systems. After following the file guidelines, users can export their provider list file. On the Provider page in OpenEnvoy, select Add Providers to upload the provider list. OpenEnvoy will automatically ensure the formatting is correct. Once the provider list is successfully uploaded, the provider records will be updated and ready to use in OpenEnvoy. 

OpenEnvoy enables finance teams of all sizes with visibility, automation, and cash flow solutions. To learn more about how OpenEnvoy can help you prevent wasted spend, visit to connect with an expert.


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