Newsroom/Product update October 18, 2021

Self-Serve API


OpenEnvoy’s Self-Serve API mitigates the resources and timeline necessary to build product-ready in-house OCR and NLP systems for data extraction. With state-of-the-art NLP, finance teams can use the Self-Serve API to extract meaningful information like itemized lists and key-values for quick decision-making and productivity. 

What finance teams can expect with OpenEnvoy’s Self-Serve API:

  • Connect to your BI systems seamlessly with a lightweight exchange  to improve data accuracy and visibility. 
  • Customize the information you extract down to line items, for meaningful invoice data like due date, banking information, vendor name, pricing, tax rate, etc. 
  • Upload invoice documents in any format, without templates.
  • Generate an API key directly from the OpenEnvoy Workspace and begin building customized advanced workflows immediately.
  • Refresh the API key on-demand to a display timestamp of the last key that was generated and used for added layers of security and accountability. 
  • Expand your current AP infrastructure with a two-way system using OpenEnvoy’s solution for data extraction while maintaining your established BI tools. 

The benefits of self-serve API data extraction for finance teams:

  • CFOs and finance leaders can utilize a best-in-class audit and extraction technology to build a white label solution and avoid the trouble of time-consuming partnership agreements. 
  • AP departments who operate in transaction-centric environments such as manufacturing, freight, and logistics can bypass long-term enterprise contracts for a more flexible, customizable model.
  • Companies invested in existing AP infrastructure can avoid transitioning to an entirely new solution by adding OpenEnvoy’s self-serve API audit and extraction technology to their current tools.

 How OpenEnvoy’s self-serve API works: 

OpenEnvoy users can upload their documents in any format with the job create API. The OpenEnvoy solution extracts data for auditing purposes and returns unverified data within seconds. Users can then generate an API key and start building the advanced workflows immediately. OpenEnvoys then provides 100% accurate, audited data within 48 hours. 

OpenEnvoy, founded in 2020, is the only detail-level AP automation solution that ensures you never overpay your vendors, preventing billions of dollars in wasted spend. OpenEnvoy is built by a diverse group of people located around the world with offices in Nevada and California. To learn more, please visit  to connect with an expert.


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