Newsroom/Product update June 1, 2023

Status Reports


Enhance Job Processing with Status Reports: Clear Visibility and Actionable Guidance

At OpenEnvoy, we understand that efficiently processing jobs and maintaining control over cash flow and payments are critical for your business. That's why we are excited to introduce our latest feature: Status Reports. With Status Reports, you gain clear visibility into any issues that arise during the matching process, along with actionable guidance to resolve them and keep your job moving forward seamlessly.

What can finance teams expect from OpenEnvoy’s Status Reports?

Status Reports centralize a list of issues that may prevent a job from progressing to the "Matched" stage. By consolidating these issues into a streamlined list, you can easily identify the next steps required to process the job efficiently. These issues are categorized as either "Action required" or "Review needed," providing you with a clear understanding of how to address them.

The benefits of Status Reports for finance teams:

  • Real-time rematching to quickly identify remaining open issues.
  • Improved reconciliation and reduction in future exceptions with the ‘Help OpenEnvoy Learn’ feature.
  • An audit trail of user actions for greater tracking and reporting on exceptions.

How to Access and Use Status Reports

To access the Status Report for a job that has moved to "Pending" or "Conflict," simply click the "View status report" button on the job detail page banner. A sidebar overlay will appear, presenting a list of issues flagged by our system during the matching process.

Status Reports empower finance departments with clear visibility and actionable guidance to process jobs efficiently. Log in to your OpenEnvoy account today to experience the benefits of this exciting new feature.

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